ETHA Lend Announces Strategic Partnership With KONOMI

Having closed the initial funding round with massive support from the crème de la crème of the crypto investment space, we are thrilled to announce our Strategic Partnership with KONOMI. KONOMI is an enterprising decentralized liquidity and money market platform for cross-chain crypto assets. KONOMI’s vision is highly synergistic with ETHA Lend’s vision of bringing a completely new experience of DeFi to all users. With this strategic partnership, ETHA Lend and KONOMI shall explore the concept of maximized interoperability between both platforms and the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

Jayden, COO of KONOMI shares the enthusiasm of the ETHA Lend team about the collaboration and has said the following about the partnership:

“DeFi has tremendous potential to reshape the entire money market quite dramatically. One of the hottest landscapes birthed within DeFi is yield farming. However, the yield farming pasture remains a rather intimidating prospect for the average user due to its many complexities. Considering that ETHA Lend presents a desirable vision and revolution to make yield farming an elegant and accessible landscape for all interested participants, we believe that we share extreme harmony with the ETHA Lend team, especially in terms of remedying the lack of interoperability in the current DeFi space. We are positive that the ETHA Lend platform is a great project with a clear first-mover advantage as a DeFi yield optimizer. Hence, we welcome the opportunity to work with and support the platform as good as we can!”

This partnership will empower both ETHA Lend and KONOMI to present a highly compatible, agile, and efficient landscape to liquidity mining, DeFi yield optimization, and the broader DeFi space. Our partnership with KONOMI resonates deeply with our missions, and we are excited to pass on the benefits to our community shortly.

About ETHA Lend

ETHA Lend is an agnostic DeFi yield optimizer powered by both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. ETHA Lend offers a highly sophisticated interface with highly innovative tools to bring a completely new user experience. ETHA Lend’s defining feature is our highly intelligent discovery algorithm that understands the precise circumstances of a user, factors in all the essential margins to provide optimal asset allocation for excellent yields. In the longer run, ETHA Lend shall evolve into a relatively simple yet smart channel for liquidity providers to interact with multiple protocols on a single platform, thanks to our highly agile cross-chain approach to yield farming.


KONOMI is a decentralized liquidity and money market protocol for all cross-chain crypto assets offering value-based returns on transactions for their users. The platform revolutionizes the lending and borrowing DeFi market by eliminating resource extraction by third parties. In the long run, the network aims to offer money markets for assets within the Polkadot ecosystem.



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