Konomi and Apron Network Partner to Optimize Platform Node Performance

To be successful within the blockchain industry, especially leading up to and following an initial launch, mutually beneficial collaborations are key. Konomi has continued to demonstrate its willingness to partner and grow with value-adding distributed ledger networks, with the latest collaboration taking place between the decentralized money market protocol and Apron Network. With this integration, Konomi will be able to fully utilize Apron’s decentralized infrastructure service network, further decentralizing and optimizing Konomi’s node performance. As a platform focused on interoperability and creating markets for previously incompatible networks and digital assets, utilizing a decentralized node service like Apron’s will strengthen the community’s ability to access its variety of decentralized and cross-chain liquidity pools.

Konomi Strengthens Its Network Through Added Decentralization

Centralization is the bane of the blockchain industry, as it usually leads to increasing fees, profit-skimming, lack of access, and a litany of other issues. Through this collaboration, Konomi will utilize the decentralized platform service infrastructure that Apron provides to dApp developers and operators. This will spread out the network’s validating parties responsible for Konomi’s upkeep, democratizing access and limiting the infrastructure’s concentration by introducing more distributed servers. This should empower the users of Konomi’s money market protocol, as there is no singular weak point for hackers or malicious parties to try and exploit or shut down.

Moving forward, collaborations like what we’re seeing between Konomi and Apron Network are necessary for the continued growth and establishment of new and advancing blockchain projects. With the aims of promoting and increasing the functionality that decentralized finance allows, these types of collaborations merge two successful products to bring enhanced value to both communities of developers and platform end-users.

About Apron Network

Apron Network provides a novel and useful service that may end up serving as the backbone of decentralized application operations. Catering to decentralization application developers, users, and operations, Apron allows for the creation of a decentralized node infrastructure to validate networks in a distributed manner. This user-focused network is quick, economically sound, and supports the creation of dapps across many different blockchain platforms. With a security guarantee and a multi-link interface that enables access to multiple blockchains for application deployment, Apron is setting the decentralized industry standard when it comes to operation and infrastructure services.

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About Konomi

Konomi utilizes Polkadot’s cross-chain capabilities to introduce a blockchain-agnostic decentralized money market protocol for any digital asset. This platform will allow for seamless accessibility to liquidity for any blockchain protocol, with Polkadot used as the base chain to host all transactions. This introduction is meant to improve base layer performance throughout different networks and tradable assets, as well as promotes interoperability between existing DeFi projects. As the blockchain industry begins to focus more on interoperability, a major factor necessary to unlock the full potential value that blockchain technology enables, projects like Konomi are establishing the infrastructure for a usable liquidity highway.

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