Konomi Announces Cinchblock as Official Marketing Partner

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Cinchblock; we will be working together to promote the Konomi platform to the world. As our official marketing partner, we will be bolstered by Cinchblock’s experience and in-depth expertise that has helped drive many high-profile blockchain projects to extremely successful token launches. As one of the largest communities on Polkadot (and still growing), this partnership will bring forward new opportunities to further enrich, expand, and overall enhance our community and Konomi stakeholders.

Working Together

Cinchblock is an all-encompassing blockchain marketing platform with a special focus on high-potential networks. Cinchblock has successfully worked with some of the largest and most successful projects in the space and provides various services to development teams. With this collaboration, Cinchblock will be helping us in a variety of marketing fields, using their vast team of industry experts and innovative practices to advance our community growth, social media presence, promotions, and much more. With Cinchblock’s assistance, we will be able to tackle campaigns and ideas that will propel us forward in the market, in a similar manner to many other clients.

This partnership is essential to our platform growth. We have an extraordinary team of developers and executives, but in order to maximize our marketing practices to their highest abilities, we decided to call in the experts. Cinchblock will be promoting Konomi on all fronts and across diverse markets, an important characteristic for success. By unlocking the full value of our community and our promotional abilities, we will push Konomi to greater heights and show the world how decentralized money markets have the ability to empower millions, if not billions of users around the world. We are extremely excited to finalize this partnership, and look forward to what this collaboration will bring to the entire Konomi community and all of its stakeholders.

About Cinchblock

Cinchblock is a global blockchain marketing firm working to bring the best and most innovative distributed ledger projects to market. With an international team including scores of industry experts, Cinchblock focuses on community growth, platform promotion, social media, partnership establishment, and more to add the maximum amount of value to a project. Through Cinchblock’s many collaborations, they have established themselves as one of the top global players in the blockchain marketing industry.

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About Konomi

Konomi is a decentralized money market protocol built using Polkadot’s Substrate. This allows Konomi to facilitate cross-chain money markets with blockchain-agnostic assets, a vital step to mainstream DeFi adoption. As the DeFi space continues to grow, it is becoming more evident that platform and asset interoperability is a major key to broad mainstream adoption, something Konomi is working on implementing to usher in a new era of financial freedom. Focusing on the Polkadot ecosystem to start, Konomi broadens the financial possibilities that blockchain technology can enable.

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