Konomi Monthly Updates — June

Technical Progress

  • Implemented pice fetcher for non-dominant assets
  • Updated UI design
  • Error and bug fixing
  • Integrated Chainlink Oracle with testnet

Community and Data

  • 36K followers on Twitter
  • 207% Increase in Twitter’s Profile Engagement
  • 180% increase in likes
  • 284% increase in retweets
  • 30% increase in comments


Polkalokr partnership with Konomi. June 1

Konomi Partners With Polkalokr To Expand Upon Protocol Functionality. June 1

Partnership with @Dafiprotocol. June 10


DeFi solutions to Polkadot ecosystem. June 17

Social Media Campaigns and Events

Social Media

AMA with @Darwinia network. June 11


2021 Roadmap. June 18


Comment winners. June 18


Staking announcements on gate.io. June 22


Special Events

Poolx launching $KONO flexible promotion. June 21


AMA Sessions

AMA with @Darwinia network. June 11




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