Konomi Network Forms Strategic Partnership with Pinknode

Konomi Network is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Pinknode, a Polkadot Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, to increase adoption and motivate innovators to build on the state-of-the-art Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The partnership will enable Pinknode to be Konomi Network’s collator node, fully decentralizing and enhancing security for Konomi’s ecosystem. Both partners are looking forward to exploring the potential joint cross-chain message passing (XCMP) experimentation.

Konomi Network is built on a Substrate-based blockchain. To elaborate, our money markets enable users to make use of Polkadot-native assets efficiently to back up borrowing and lending. This allows projects buying a parachain slot to use their native tokens as collateral for DOT and support their parachain bid. Moreover, Konomi has recently launched its third-party oracle service, which is inspired by Chain Link oracles.

This collaboration will allow Konomi Network to be the main provider of infrastructural solutions, providing Konomi users with secure and decentralized API endpoints, linking them to various networks on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Furthermore, our team’s lending module will assist Pinknode in creating its P2P pool to strike up the liquidity of PNODE, this allows users to borrow native tokens for different purposes such as, but not limited to, trading and utilising their API service. Konomi Oracle will also be the supplier of outsourced price feeds and multiple liquidity strategies for PNODE.

As our team continues to further our developments in cross-chain asset growth, we are honoured to collaborate with Pinknode and help both companies achieve our goal of providing users with unique and efficient financial solutions. For more updates, visit and follow us on our socials!

About Pinknode

Pinknode is a Polkadot-specialised Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with the goal of accelerating adoption and empowering innovators to build on the most promising Web 3.0 ecosystem. By providing API endpoints through a streamlined onboarding process and maintaining secure, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure, Pinknode helps innovators jumpstart development quickly and accelerates their product life cycles.

Website: https://www.pinknode.io/
Contact: contact@pinknode.io
Telegram: t.me/PinkNode
Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_pnode
Medium: https://medium.com/pinknode

About Konomi Network

Konomi is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as the development framework, the network aims to support more assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users could manage their crypto holding positions, trade assets and earn interest through decentralised money market products. Konomi also issues its native network token in order to kick-start liquidity and decentralised governance.

Stay in Touch with Us Through:

Website: https://www.konomi.network/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KonomiNetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/konominetwork
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/konominetworkchannel
Telegram (Vietnam): https://t.me/konominetwork_vn
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KonomiNetwork



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