Mar 11, 2021

1 min read

Official Contract Address Migration

PLEASE BE AWARE: The Konomi Network Contract Address has migrated to the following: 0x850aab69f0e0171a9a49db8be3e71351c8247df4

RATIONALE: In order to interoperate with the IDO, we needed a more robust contract design, not covered within the previous contract address.

PLEASE NOTE: that this is only a valid contract address for Konomi Network moving forward and the previous contract address is rendered null and invalid and is revised in all materials.

Smart Contract: 0x850aab69f0e0171a9a49db8be3e71351c8247df4


→Audited March 08th, 2021 by the BEOSIN Blockchain Security, with 0 critical, major, and/or minor issues.