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In case you missed the news, the Konomi Network testnet platform is now live. The live testnet platform is now available for the public’s use. Interested parties can now get a taste of how the main Konomi Network platform will work through the linked website above. The live testnet platform allows for people to go through the investment and liquidity portion of the platform to try their hands at borrowing, investing, and repaying different tokens on the Konomi Network platform.

In order to test out the platform, you will need to set up and create your own testnet wallet, powered…

We are thrilled to announce that Konomi is teaming up with Polkalokr, the first all-in-one, multi-chain token locking and escrow platform with built-in privacy functionality. This partnership will open doors for various opportunities empowering both platforms to come up with the best solutions for all our network users.

Polkalokr provides multi-chain token distribution into the hands of network participants, thereby establishing trust and simplicity for complex token ecosystems.

Polkalokr believes that getting rid of the complexities and tokenomics will make DeFi a more mainstream offering. …

- An analysis of Konomi multi-chain Oracle Prometheus

The Oracle is a mechanism to write information outside the blockchain into the blockchain itself. Its function is to write external information into the blockchain and complete the data connection and exchange process between the blockchain and the real world. It allows confirmed smart contracts to react to the external world which is full of uncertainties and is the only way for smart contracts to interact with the external world for data. Also, it acts as the interface between the blockchain and the real world for data interaction. …

We’re proud to announce that Konomi has been selected in the Chains track alongside other privileged teams to join the Substrate Builders Program! Joining the Substrate Builders Program will directly support Konomi’s development via Parity’s extensive resources, taking our project to the next level.

Substrate Builders Program Explained

The Substrate Builders Program identifies, supports, and mentors current and potential Substrate-related projects. The program is divided into three tracks:

Chains track: Those that are building impactful chains (independent chains, parachains, and parathreads).

Infrastructure track: Those building Substrate/Polkadot-related infrastructure, including bridges, UIs, tooling, smart contract support, and validator infrastructure (and potentially more).

Application Track: Those building…

Konomi Network is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with MathChain, a Layer 2 blockchain based on Substrate. This collaboration will allow MathChain to support Konomi with the Parachain slot auction, crowd loan, and wallet integration, enabling significant changes in Konomi’s system.

MathChain focuses on smart wallets, massive adoption, go-to-market and inclusive blockchain applications. With a decentralized permissionless parachain powered L2, MathChain incorporates easy interoperability with Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Rollups and EVM side chains.

Konomi Network, on the other hand, is a cross-chain devolved money market protocol that supports assets within various blockchains. …

Technical Progress

  • Implemented pice fetcher for non-dominant assets
  • Updated UI design
  • Error and bug fixing
  • Integrated Chainlink Oracle with testnet

Community and Data

  • 36K followers on Twitter
  • 207% Increase in Twitter’s Profile Engagement
  • 180% increase in likes
  • 284% increase in retweets
  • 30% increase in comments


Polkalokr partnership with Konomi. June 1

Konomi Partners With Polkalokr To Expand Upon Protocol Functionality. June 1

Partnership with @Dafiprotocol. June 10


DeFi solutions to Polkadot ecosystem. June 17

Social Media Campaigns and Events

Social Media

AMA with @Darwinia network. June 11

2021 Roadmap. June 18

Comment winners. June 18

Staking announcements on June 22

We’re pleased to announce that Konomi Network has migrated its testnet from Substrate to the Parachain testnet! We want to shout out to our talented development team for achieving this. Additionally, we would like to share that we have opened our GitHub Repository to the world! The community can now see the Konomi blockchain from under the hood.

While we celebrate this achievement, we would like to invite our community to help us debug our code, with incredible incentives for those who spot and fix the bugs! We will also be offering community tech contributor roles for qualified candidates who…

Konomi Network is a devolved money maker protocol on Polkadot’s Substrate Framework. Konomi is working to provide active money markets across the entirety of the Polkadot ecosystem, where users can borrow, lend, trade, earn interest and access liquidity products for DOTs through protocol.

Konomi Network is over the moon to announce the launch of The Lock KONO & Earn” (Term 7 Days) on June 22nd at’s HODL & Earn section, with an estimated reward of 100% P.A. is an established exchange that holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. They charge zero listing fees and…

We are proud to announce that Konomi, a Substrate-based blockchain, has natively integrated the widely used Chainlink Price Feeds on testnet via the Chainlink Oracle Pallet. By integrating Chainlink Price Feeds as our go-to oracle solution, we can secure critical functions within our decentralized liquidity and money market protocol, such as issuing loans and triggering liquidations based on fresh, accurate, and tamper-proof asset prices.

We recommend that all decentralized applications (dApps) launching on Konomi and needing price oracles to use Chainlink Price Feeds. Not only is Chainlink the most provably reliable oracle solution during periods of extreme network congestion and…

We are over the moon to announce that Konomi Network and DAFI Protocol are partnering to integrate DAFI’s synthetics protocol into Konomi’s staking platform, enabling synthetic token incentivization for Konomi token holders!

This collaboration with DAFI unlocks numerous valuable use cases that will benefit Konomi token holders. Firstly, DAFI’s synthetic protocol will be used to create dKONO tokens pegged to the network demand, meaning rewards will grow as adoption for the Konomi network, allowing us to finally support long-term users and growth.

In addition, these synthetic tokens will help prevent the hyperinflation of Konomi’s native token, whereas before DAFI, the…


decentralised money market on Polkadot

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