Konomi to participate in Web3 Bootcamp

In the two months following the Polkastarter IDO and, subsequent release of Konomi to the public domain, the team have been tirelessly working and developing to continue to bring a complete Polkadot based asset management experience to those within the DeFi space.

As a testament to the team’s vision, tenacity and desire to grow, Konomi has been selected as one of the twelve most outstanding tech start-ups to participate in the Web3 Bootcamp.

This Web3 Bootcamp, conducted by the Web3 Foundation, Parity Technologies Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase, is an annually conducted program that aims to generate a quantum leap within the selected start-ups. As the host, Web 3.0 and input from multiple experts from the field have selected 12 projects as participants for the upcoming event. These projects, including KONOMI Networks, were selected based on their immense potential, resulting from collective evaluation through aspects such as technology, team, and project focus.

Covering all areas that correlate to success in the business and crypto space, the Konomi team will be exposed to a comprehensive array of coursework modules, with each designed to rapidly develop competency and practical skills.

This will result in the Konomi team improving in many areas ranging from technology, product, investment, finance, compliance, branding and marketing strategies.

This well-rounded and in-depth professional development experience that will be available to the Konomi team through the Web3 Bootcamp, is yet another step forward for the team and will allow for a further crystallisation of their vision, through rapid development in capability, connections and methods to interact with the community, their product development and finally their advertising strategies.

Most importantly, as with any cryptocurrency project, is the underlying technology. Under the education of Parity Technologies and the Web3 Foundation, rigorous training in relation to developing sound products and infrastructure on the Polkadot ecosystem will be a highlight of the program. This will range from development of the operational environment to off-chain workers, Parachains and Parathread validators. Following this training, teams thatmeet and exceed examination criteria, will be eligible to develop substrate solutions with Parity Technologies.

This valuable experience of the Web3 Bootcamp is an excellent platform for any team to shine and develop their skills and Konomi is no exception. Upon completion of this bootcamp, an upskilled team with the means to further develop their vision and project will be ready to work harder than ever.

About Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs (“the Labs”) is a non-profit research institution focusing on blockchain technology. The Labs gathers global experts to conduct research and promote dialogue on the development, application and strategy to provide guidance for entrepreneurs and to provide reference information for regulatory bodies, all in an effort to promote growth for the society and economy leveraging blockchain technology’s potential. Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is based in Shanghai. Visit blockchainlabs.org to learn more.

Konomi is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as the development framework, the network aims to support more assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users could manage their crypto holding positions, trade assets and earn interest through decentralised money market products. Konomi also issues its native network token in order to kick start liquidity and decentralised governance.

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